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Published: January 16, 2023
by Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens Funeral Home & Cremation Center

Funeral traditions are vastly different depending on where you're from. You must consider what people will wear, how the procession will take place, and much more. Depending on how you want things to proceed, it can be highly cultural, religious, or simple. Please keep reading to discover what people do for their families regarding funerals and how a funeral home in Fairview, TN can help you make yours the best for your family.

The United States Is Going Greener

Going green has seen a massive rise in the past few years because the United States is leaning toward being kinder to the planet. Options for funerals that have a less environmental impact include biodegradable urns, woven caskets made of willow, and the opportunity to have your ashes made into things that help the planet, such as blocks for the coral reefs.

Cremation Is Common

In South Korea, cremation is more common. As an alternative to scattering the ashes, many people opt to have their ashes made into beads to be displayed in the home. The primary colors that people choose are black, pink, blue, or green.

Eating With The Dead

In Mexico, it's a tradition to have The Day Of The Dead and it's important. It's a holiday meant to reunite the living and the dead, and people have their favorite foods and other celebrations so that the souls of the deceased can hear your prayers. While the grieving process is different for each of us, we all experience some common feelings as we work toward healing from our loss.

Waiting In A Designated Spot

In Sweden, funeral traditions are unique and bold. The deceased are left for up to three weeks in a particular place before burial. The funeral is more private, with only the most intimate family attending. Local flowers will be placed on the coffin as in other countries, and they will wear white ties. You might also find that they sing songs around the coffin, which they do in other countries.

Laid To Rest 

In Tibet, many people are Buddhists. The religions, therefore, believe that the soul moves on and the body is an empty vessel that must be sacrificed to the Earth. It has become common for people to place their bodies on a high mountain and let the animals naturally decompose their bodies. When it has reached the point where only bones remain, the bones are ground up and fed to cows completing the process.

Each Country Has Different Ideas About What To Do

Each country has a different idea about what death means and how you should deal with it. In addition, you'll find that they have other ideas about what will happen to your soul. Because of this, you'll see that many different pictures are taken, and each country has a unique way of honoring the dead. Your funeral home in Fairview, TN will come into play here as they know about different ceremonial needs and cultures that require various services. In addition, they can help you through the grieving process as a family and help you make the best choice for your lost loved one.



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