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Published: January 2, 2023
by Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens Funeral Home & Cremation Center

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When telling someone, you love goodbye, you want to understand what is true and what isn't. We're here to provide you with the valuable information you need to see what is true that people don't know, what is false, and what you shouldn't put any stock in. If you still have questions, don't worry. Your funeral home in Bellevue, TN can answer any questions you have. They've seen everything and been in the business for long enough to know fact from fiction. 

A Funeral Comes Before A Cremation

False. A funeral can be held before the cremation or after. It depends on whether or not you choose to have a funeral with a body or ashes. Just remember, if you're going to have a cremation with a body, you'll have to do it immediately, or you'll have to be embalmed. If you don't embalm the body, it will begin to rot and cause a biohazard issue.

Eco-Friendly Coffins Cost More

In most cases, no. Most eco-friendly coffins cost almost twenty-two hundred dollars less than a traditional coffin. Biodegradable options are not only better for the planet but also highly beneficial as far as price. If you can't afford a customized coffin, you'll find that an eco-friendly option might be better. However, one thing to remember regarding this type of coffin is that the body is released into the earth much quicker—much the same as a biodegradable urn.

The Funeral Needs To Be Held In A Church

Nope. This one isn't true, either. A funeral can be held just about anywhere. People have funerals in places like parks, gardens, and other sites. All you need is someone to officiate and special permission to hold the funeral in specific areas. If the deceased wasn't religious and didn't want a church, this can be a better option so that the remaining family members don't get offended by the idea.

However, if you would like the funeral to be held in a church, you can also do that. It's a more traditional option and can make more religious families feel more comfortable. Though you must remember the choice ultimately comes down to you and what you're comfortable with.

You’ll Get The Wrong Ashes

You won't get someone else's ashes. This is one of the most untrue things people have said about cremation, and it's never the truth. Instead, the funeral home has specific security measures to ensure that no one goes home with someone they're not supposed to. Each person gets cremated and then put in a unique urn and a specific area until the family returns to pick up the ashes. This ensures that everyone goes home with the proper family.

A Funeral Is Simple

A funeral is simple and doesn't need to be overly complicated if you use the funeral home and its services. At the same time, many people take advantage of the funeral home in Bellevue, TN; you should because they understand how to help you and can teach you everything you should know to make your family's funeral a success.



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