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Published: November 28, 2022
by Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens Funeral Home & Cremation Center

cemeteries in Nashville, TN

Whenever you visit your loved one in one of the cemeteries in Nashville, TN where you place them for their final resting place, you want that visit to be special and meaningful. It’s a unique location because it is where your loved one is buried, but there are things you can do to ensure that your visits will feel unique and special as well. Here are a few such things.

Choose The Right Cemetery

The first thing you can do to make your future visits special is to choose the right cemetery, and the right plot within that cemetery as well. Look through the options in the area and ensure that you choose a convenient location that makes it easier for you to visit. You will also want a plot that has a nice location within the cemetery. Perhaps the cemetery gets a lot of suns, so you choose a shady spot that will be nicer to visit. If you choose the right cemetery, that will make your visits more pleasant in the future.

Bring Flowers

You might want to bring something to your loved one to decorate their grave and honor them all over again whenever you visit. Flowers are often a nice gift. Ensure that you know the cemetery rules where gifts are concerned. Some cemeteries allow you to place flowers right on the grave while others require that there be a vase attached to the headstone. You can place the flowers in there and showcase your love for the person buried there.

Prepare Yourself In Advance

Before you visit your loved one, think about how you want the visit to go ahead of time. It’s always going to be hard to go to that cemetery, knowing your loved one is buried there and no longer with you. You might want to think about the purpose of your visit. Do you miss them and what to talk to them about what has been going on with the family? Do you need some time alone to grieve? Do you want to honor them on a special day? The reason for your visit can help you to figure out how to prepare and what you might want to do when you are there.

Take A Family Member Along

You don’t have to take anyone with you, but sometimes it can be nice to share that time and get support from someone you love and care about. You can’t have the person you lost back, but you have other people who love you and want to help you through the grieving. Having someone there to commiserate and share stories with can make the visit that much more special.

Create A Ritual For Yourself

You might want to have a ritual in place for the cemetery visits so you know what to expect. You go once a month, for example, take flowers, eat your lunch by the grave, and share with your loved one what your family has been doing for the last month. Rituals can help you, even, to look forward to visiting cemeteries in Nashville, TN.



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